Let’s get the Social Security Administration on a consistent payment plan to end these delays.

A successful outcome and a happy client can take a turn when payments lag, and you have no answers. Calls to the payment centers are infrequently returned. A perfunctory call again in sixty days is the standard response from the local Social Security office. While payments lag and uncertainty mounts, our clients remain homeless, fall further into debt, and lack access to the basic necessities they need.

As business owners, we must dedicate resources and staff to chasing payments. By the time we are paid, it doesn’t feel like a success, but instead a small reprieve before the battle begins again. Practitioners are closing their doors or transitioning to other practice areas.

It is time to build a concerted effort to combat the payment lag and hold Social Security accountable for undue delays. We need to protect our clients and our businesses.  Join the Disability Benefits Deadline Initiative to ensure timely and predictable Social Security payments of backpay and legal fees.