February Update – Video

We had an engaging meeting with Raquel Crowley Central Washington Director for Senator Patty Murray.

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Transcript from the Video (machine created and lightly edited)

Hey everyone Rocco
Luongo and Maren

Miller Bam here so we’re

reporting now from
Yakima Washington

where we just had a
meeting with Raquel

Crowley Central Washington Director

u.s. senator patty

and Maren how did that go
that down?

Well we started off with
the bang

exactly what’s been
going on with our

claimants we talked to
her about the

delay in payments and
the show those our

clients face as Social

continues to not meet
their internal

deadline of a 60-day
deadline.  I told

her about this and her

response was hilarious
and exciting to

say the least.

She immediately told us
that her boss is

going to be so pissed;
her boss is senator

patty Murray. and they
took our concerns

very seriously at this

that’s right and so but
a so very

supportive already this
is very well

aligned with the Senator’s

already absolutely so
during a meeting

the Takoma field office
for Senator

Murray has actually been
tracking the

state of for a year and two
weeks ago

flagged it to bring to
senator Murray’s

attention separate and
apart from what

dib deadline is doing
because they were

seeing I’m a major to
find a number of

constituent phone calls
of constituents

who are not getting
their benefits in

Washington State in a
timely fashion and

they flagged this as a
major issue going

that’s right and so it
was really an

exciting time

so we presented her the
slide deck that

we did at our last
webinar and at the

end of this we’re going
to talk to a little

bit about what our next
two webinar

dates are we’re going to
lock him down and

send out invitations to
everyone so keep

your eyes open but you
look like about

to say something well
during our slide

deck we made a couple
slides in just

scrolling through quickly
because miss

Crowley is a busy lady
and she

immediately saw Tim
Peckinpaugh from K&L

gates our lobbyist knew
Tim was excited

that Tim’s on this and
so picking up her

phone and was calling
people that Tim

had already been working
with it was

 p.m. our time so on the East Coast

I’m in DC we’re talking 6
p.m. at

night she goes oh
they’ll be home I’ll

call them on their cell
phone and

immediately started
calling her

connections right so
instant credibility

we have built an a-class
team the other

most exciting thing that
we got was she

offered us a meeting
with senator patty

Murray there will be a
recess in the

middle of March that Patty
Murray comes

home so she wants to
have us come

together for a coffee
date in the

tri-cities for about a 20
to 30-minute

meeting to talk to the
center directly

about our concerns she’s
also going to

connect us with a few of


she said that she knows Elizabeth

Warren’s campaign
directly and wants to

get us in front of those
candidates so

that they can make this
a big part of

their issues as they
continue to

campaign another great
value added piece

that we got today was
recognizing that

we should be elevating
our mission and

our message to the state
level she

suggested directly
letter to Inslee

letter to the State
Attorney General we

really need to recognize
the fact that

states have rights in
these areas too

and especially with the

federal administration
that we currently

have this seems to be
the modus operandi

to get things done so I
feel like that’s

a smart move we’re going
to we’re going to

crap that letter along
with dozens of

others of contacts
together she

mentioned that we need
to reach out to

our state Congress
people to a new house

and Maria Cantwell she
even talked about

forming class-action

state-by-state to sue
the Social

Security Administration
to timely do

this she said that this
is an issue that

not only are they
willing to continue

talking with us about in
continuing to

figure out a way to
legislatively attack

but also be attacking
from our court


she felt that this is a
really important

issue that they can
continue to discuss

and continue to look
into well and

it’s really important
especially what we

talked about in the
first webinar was

the timeliness of all of
this and I do

think it’s timely
Newhouse our

representative he is a
big proponent of

small business and so
consequently the

fact that these delayed

bankrupt firms and then
limit claimants

access to law

she independently said
that this is like

a constitutional breach
I mean you

correct me if I’m wrong
but it thought

we would be spending a
lot of time

convincing her that this
was important

but she actually was
taking it two or

three steps further than
we ever

considered she felt that
this was a

major issue in impact
prosperity and

impacts the ability to
mobilize state

economies it impacts the
ability for

states to get
appropriate funding our

workers compensation is
offset by Social

Security so the delayed
payments mean

our state is paying out
money it doesn’t

need to and she said
we’re not alone in

that and that this is a
major issue no

it’s huge and the needs
are there

the needs are they go
everywhere we have

we have children who are
not being able

to get properly funded
we have got

elderly who can’t get
medicine we have

got disabled who can’t
get their

benefits I mean this
literally impacts

every aspect of life we
looked at it

from every angle and I
realized that it

attacks all of those

it attacks small
businesses it attacks

our rural communities
who are more

likely to be relying
upon these benefits

it is a

in our state’s funding
as our state is

shelling out money for
services that

should be offset by the

government it is
literally attacking

from every angle it’s a
problem it is in

this especially rings
when senator patty

Murray she is a very
intelligent and

pragmatic politician she
cares about

what she does she knows
the ropes but

she has a big heart her
platform is

built upon addressing
these exact

kinds of needs for
people who are

perpetually undervalued
and underserved

in our society and one
of her key

stances is dealing with
homelessness if

you wait  and  months for your

benefits homelessness is
on the horizon

that’s after approval
we’re not even

talking about the weight
before you’re

approved that isn’t even
part of the

issue today we’re
talking about once

you’re approved you’re
still waiting a

year how do you maintain
a home when the

benefits that you paid
into aren’t

available to you

no it’s it’s true and
look those are the

key points that we had
today we’re going

to keep working it we’ve
got a big

laundry list of items
that we’re going

to do wanted to give you
folks a couple

of quick updates right
now we have

locked down our next
webinar dates we’ll

send them out via email
so you can

register for them we’re
going to be

doing our March webinar
on the

same time as last time
it’s going to be

 11 o’clock Pacific time what is that’s

right and for an
extremely exciting

announcement we will be
keeping with

that same cadence and
we’ll be

doing our April webinar
April 8 th and

guess what right live
from the Puerto

Rico NADR conference
we’re going to set

up our own suite and
we’re going to do it

live there we’re going
to have a reception

I want to hear thunder
what are we going to

do Mary we’re going to
have a happy

to thank everybody who’s
attended the

energy our conference
tell them more

about Dib deadline what
we’re doing and

how we’re protecting our
industry and

our business in our clients
we’re going

to have food drinks you
know well we’re

all attorneys our
representatives we

have a hard job

we love drinks it’s going
to be a great

time and we hope you can
try to side

right yeah so please um
keep an eye

on the email chain will
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thank you all for
looking at our video

yeah this we’re not
professional TV

people we’re just
working hard yeah you

can tell and thanks very